July 6 2021

PlayRight is growing, and so is our team. Four new colleagues have joined our already dynamic team. Since you will probably be in touch with at least one of them at some point in the future, we’d like to introduce you our four new, fresh team members: Sven with Team Members & international, Andries with Team Distributions, Danny with Team IT and Raphaël as Collections Manager!


Sven Goyvaerts “breathes” Rock. Already as a child, he knew how to handle the drums, and he quickly became a cool rock drummer. A passion he has still not lost all these years later. On the contrary.

Sven was trained as a filmmaker at LUCA School of Arts in Brussels. Although in recent years he was mainly active as a journalist in the port of Antwerp, he remained active as a musician, as well. This even led to the creation of the streaming platform Artists Unlimited in 2020, a collaboration of a group of enterprising musicians.

As a musician or actor, we guarantee you that you’ll have to deal with this rocking guy at a certain point, because from now on he will be one of your new contact points!



Andries Provoost is the new employee within the team that fixes all your distributions of neighbouring rights. His extensive knowledge of music is thanks to his fifteen years of experience at Ultratop, the official hit parade in Belgium. There, he fed and maintained the music database. This precision work experience he will now unleash on PlayRight!

Music is also an important factor in his spare time.

“In addition to binging series and YouTube videos, reading, hiking and listening to podcasts, I particularly enjoy (re)discovering and mapping out all kinds of music. By joining PlayRight, I’m very excited to be able to return professionally to what has always been my greatest hobby (pouring music into a database), while also contributing to the correct payout to our performers.”



Danny Eeraerts returns to his first great love after twenty years: programming. Nevertheless, computers and technology are not all that interests him. Although it goes against the stereotype of a boring IT guy, Danny has a couple of creative hobbies, too: acting and photography.

Indeed, his experiences with the cultural sector lie, so far, mainly behind the scenes of the amateur theatre (children’s, adult and street theatre). Moreover, he is a passionate photographer with a specialization in studio photography.

With his knowledge of programming and applications, he will make sure that the PlayRight online services will run even smoother and error-free.

I consider myself lucky to be one of the few who can start working as a developer in the cultural sector. This way, I know that I can commit myself daily to our thousands of members, who are having a very difficult time in this COVID-19 period. An added value that is extremely important to me.”



Raphaël De Wulf is a Brussels native in heart and soul. Being a cheerful optimist, his mission is bringing people together. As a young man already, he was involved in local associations and later in the local happenings of his current hometown, Overijse. There he helped rebuild a park kiosk into a meeting place for local youth and adults. Now a place where many events are organised!

Culture, and more specifically, music and performances, therefore, play a major role in his life.

“The idea that I can do something for all those artists who have enriched my life, motivates me enormously to get started at PlayRight.”

Welcome to our four new Team members! We will undoubtedly live many memorable moments together with our artists!

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