🌟PlayRight wishes you happy holidays

December 20 2019 PlayRight

Brigitte, Chantal, Christophe, David, Didier, Dominika, Fides, Frank, Graham, GwennaĂ«lle, Ioan, Jonathan, Koen, Laura, Laetitia, Nicolas, Philip, Rudy, Sebastien and Stefanie wish you happy holidays. Come celebrate this beginning of[…]

“Cable rights” for performers, what is the current situation?

December 3 2019 Audiovisual Music PlayRight

Since 2015, actors and musicians are entitled to a remuneration for cable retransmission. Since the adoption of a new law in November 2018, however, they are also entitled to a[…]

Encounter with Nicky Collaer, professional drummer

November 29 2019 Music PlayRight

“The instrument adapts itself to the style, the rest is common sense.” So much is clear. But how do you adapt to the music style of a band when you[…]

Launch of Unisono, the unique platform for copyrights & neighbouring rights

November 26 2019 Audiovisual Music PlayRight

January 1st, 2020 marks the operational launch of Unisono, the unique platform for copyrights & neighbouring rights in Belgium. This platform is a result of a collaboration between Sabam, PlayRight[…]

Music rights 2018: a first distribution of 3.4 million € of neighbouring rights

November 25 2019 Music PlayRight

PlayRight has just performed a first distribution of the music rights collected for the year 2018. This first distribution, which will later be completed by a final distribution, amounts to[…]

Distribution calendar: Overview of rights to be paid to artists in 2020

November 4 2019 Audiovisual International PlayRight

The 2020 distribution calendar is ready: nine distributions of rights collected on the Belgian territory and abroad will be carried out next year, among which two final distributions: Month 2020[…]

PlayRight+ prize: Elise Bevers, Lauryn Turquin and TĂ©o Crommen are the new PlayRight+ winners

October 17 2019 Audiovisual Music PlayRight+

New PlayRight+ prices ceremonies Leuven and Brussels: Elise Bevers, Lauryn Turquin and TĂ©o Crommen receive the PlayRight+ 2019 Prize at the Luca School of Arts (Campus Lemmens) and the Brussels[…]

Audiovisual rights 2016: first distribution of 286.000€

October 16 2019 Audiovisual

PlayRight has distributed a part of the audiovisual rights for the works that were broadcast in Belgium in 2016. The amount of this first distribution of rights of this “reference[…]

Christian Martin is the new president of PlayRight

October 3 2019 Audiovisual Music PlayRight

Christian Martin succeeds Luc Gulinck as President of PlayRight, with effect from 1 October 2019.

Two new winners for 2019 at ARTS²

September 26 2019 Music PlayRight+

Greta Fjellman and Carlos Escalona are the new PlayRight+ winners of 2019 at ARTS² in Mons.


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