PlayRight distributes 2.6 million € of neighbouring rights among musicians for 2017

October 18 2018

PlayRight has carried out a first distribution for the neighbouring rights for music recordings concerning the reference year 2017. This distribution includes equitable remuneration, private copy and lending rights collected for music recordings that were broadcast and / or exploited in 2017.



Music 2017 – OUR PLAYLIST

Prior to this distribution, PlayRight creates a playlist based on the playlists of Belgian radios and the UltraTop sales lists for 2017.

As we strive to be as transparent and user-friendly as possible, affiliated musicians have direct access to the 2017 playlist through the Playlist menu in our online portal. With only a few clicks, musicians can declare their repertoire. However, your entire repertoire may not display in the PlayList menu. In this case, you can simply declare your performance via your repertoire menu.




Each distribution is based on the repertoires that have been declared by our musicians or their representatives. Those who have not yet declared or completed their repertoire can do so until 31 December 2020. After this date, declarations for the reference year 2017 will be closed, and a final distribution will be executed.




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