January 25 2022

The PlayRight+ emergency fund will continue its operations in 2022. Were (some of) your activities as a performing artist cancelled in January 2022? Apply for support RIGHT NOW!

After the announcement of stricter health measures for the culture sector again, PlayRight decided at the beginning of this year to extend the emergency fund in 2022. Were some of your activities (events, concerts, recordings, etc.) cancelled in January? Then you can apply for support!

The rules remain the same. However, there is one big difference with 2021: in 2022, the fund is available to all artists who were already a member of PlayRight before 20 November 2021, as well as to artists who applied for membership before that date.

So, now you can apply for support for all activities that were cancelled in January 2022.

Deadline = 13 February 2022.

REMINDER: We give a short overview of the conditions that must be met to be eligible for support. The emergency fund is available for all performing artists who:

  • have been affiliated (or have applied for affiliation) with PlayRight before 20th of November 2021;
  • have participated in at least three commercialized recordings that generate neighbouring rights under Belgian law. These recordings must have been declared or communicated before the application for financial support is submitted;
  • in January have become the victim of a cancellation in Belgium of: recording days (that generate neighbouring rights according to the law), concerts, theatre, dance or circus performances, due to the Covid-19 crisis.

Details, criteria and the link to the online application form can be found here:

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