PlayRight welcomes two new members to the team!

September 24 2020

We, at PlayRight, do not stand still. On the contrary, your collecting society keeps on growing, more every year! More members, more collections and distributions of rights, more PlayRight+ projects, means more work. In order to keep everything running smoothly, the PlayRight team has contracted two new employees since September. Meet Sébastien Bours, PlayRight+ Manager, and Vanessa Pontet, who will reinforce the Communication department!

Sébastien Bours

Sébastien has been hired to support the PlayRight+ department. His tasks, therefore, relate to all activities of PlayRight+. Sébastien possesses the unusual combination of having completed a training as a legal advisor with a training in communication & marketing, two fields in which he has gained the necessary experience over the years. The main reason why he was particularly attracted to the position of PlayRight+ manager is because it allows him to put his experience at the service of an organization with a social purpose.

His tasks will, in the first place, consist of further giving shape to the PlayRight+ department. He will follow up the requests for support, monitor our vision, but above all, look for the right projects that deserve support as well as strengthen communication with our members through newsletters, workshops, and so on. Moreover, he will be active in the ‘advocacy’ section. The music and audiovisual sectors have managed to organise themselves considerably in recent years through new collectives, consultative bodies and more. As a Belgian collecting society, it is therefore important that we can closely monitor all activities throughout Belgium and, where necessary, form a bridge between the different communities. A task that cannot be completed by one person only.

His passion for music, cinema and theatre, and his experience in legally assisting various artists in the development of their careers when working at APMC (Association Professionnelle de Métiers de la Création) will definitely come to the benefits of PlayRight+!

Sébastien’s biggest asset? His language skills! Besides French (mother tongue), he also speaks a good mouthful of Dutch and English.

Vanessa Pontet

Vanessa has, in turn, temporarily joined our Communication department to replace our colleague Gwennaëlle Joret during her maternity leave. Her tasks will therefore mainly consist of creating and distributing the French communication towards our French-speaking members about distributions, to the latest (PlayRight) news and events organized by PlayRight or one of our partners.

Furthermore, Vanessa is mainly active as a consultant in digital communication. Her specialty? Social media content creation and management. Vanessa will, hence, also be partly responsible for the PlayRight social media channels and keep you informed of all the most important PlayRight- or artists-related news items!

Welcome Sébastien & Vanessa!

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