PlayRight+ prizes 2020 for students in Ghent and Leuven!

October 4 2020

The COVID-19 crisis might have put the cultural sector to a stop, the future is assured because the outflow of new talents from our conservatories could not be prevented. Last week PlayRight+ was able to award three of its coveted PlayRight+ prizes in Ghent and Leuven to recognize the work of a few recently graduated students!

Supporting young artists in their transition to professionals is one of the reasons of existence of PlayRight+. Very grateful to those who choose music or acting as their future profession at a young age, PlayRight decided to reward the efforts of those who excel in their passion. Let’s discover the students put in the spotlight by their respective schools!

Tim Eysackers (LUCA School of Arts – Campus Lemmens)

Tim Eysackers

Our first laureate comes from the Lemmens Institute in Leuven. The reasons for this choice? His professors in the Jazz department have always seen (and heard) in him a natural musical student with an ear for sound and dynamics and of course a deeply rooted relationship with his instrument: the piano.

We are honouring here a young talent who will take the bull by the horns and intensely share his musical ideas with his audience and fellow musicians!

Trui Amerlinck (Conservatory HoGent – Music)

Trui Amerlinck

 The “Music” department of the Conservatory in Ghent has decided to grant the PlayRight+ Prize to an authentic bassist who, according to her teachers, creates a perfect symbiosis between what she has learned in her jazz training and in her pop classes.

 Trui takes her projects to the next level, partly thanks to her singing abilities, which she seamlessly combines with her authentic bass playing. Thanks to her inventiveness, she perfectly matches the drums in terms of sound and timing and she perfectly interweaves her bass lines at the right place in the harmony of each composition. And above all, with her, originality always trumps clichés.

Flor Vanseveren (KASK HoGent – Dramatic Arts)

Flor Vanseveren
©Tina Herbots.

On the Ghent side, the “Dramatic Art” department also selected a promising artist for the PlayRight+ Prize.

With the selection for Flor the jury wanted to highlight the artistic performance he delivered as part of his graduation master’s project, the classic “Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf” by E. Albee.

His portrayal of George was just breathtaking. More than his fellow actors he allows a certaindistance between his own personality and the role he plays. ‘His’ George juggles explicitly with the line between fact and fiction. It was as if the role had been written for him. He also proved of a great ability to modernize the piece through collective research work with his fellow actors.

Congratulations and good luck to these three new PlayRight+ 2020 Prize winners!

Do you also want to award a prize within your school? Do not hesitate to contact PlayRight+ by sending an email to

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