My repertoire is broadcast abroad

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Your repertoire may also be protected by neighbouring rights abroad. If your recordings are broadcasted in other countries, the collecting societies in those countries will collect neighbouring rights on your behalf. They will do so regardless of whether you are affiliated to them or not.

Countries where PlayRight can collect my rights abroad

Audiovisual International Music PlayRight

To manage its members’ foreign rights, PlayRight has closed bilateral agreements with similar collecting societies in more than 50 countries.

Who are PlayRight members?


“actors, singers, musicians, dancers, and other persons who act, sing, deliver, declaim, play in, or otherwise perform literary or artistic works”.

“Declaration(s) to complete” in my portal


The section “Participation(s) to declare” in your online file contains contributions that were once added to your repertoire based on internal research.

Deadline to declare my performances

Audiovisual International Music PlayRight

Rights for a given reference year are not paid out in one go but in two stages. To ensure that you receive as many as possible of the rights you are entitled to during the first distribution round, we would advise you to declare your recordings as soon as you can.

The “PlayList” menu in my portal

Music PlayRight

In order to calculate your rights in Belgium for music recordings, PlayRight uses two distribution parameters; playlists of Belgian radios for open reference years and Ultratop sale lists. These playlists are now available to our members through the portal, listed by reference year.

What I can declare (and not declare)

Audiovisual Music PlayRight

Musicians, singers and conductors need to declare the following performances:

Declare my performances

Audiovisual Audiovisual Music Music PlayRight PlayRight

You can declare your recordings online and complete your repertoire via our secure portal by using the button  PlayRight Portal.

Raising awareness on neighbouring rights

Audiovisual Music PlayRight PlayRight+

The purposes of PlayRight+ are to inform the performers about their rights


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