PlayRight has distributed 2.9 million euros of neighbouring rights for audiovisual works (2010 & 2013)

December 14 2017 Audiovisual PlayRight

PlayRight has distributed more than 2.9 million euros of rights for audiovisual recordings broadcast in Belgium. This is a final distribution for the recordings broadcast in 2010, and first distribution[…]


November 23 2017 Music Music PlayRight PlayRight

PlayRight has performed a first distribution for the neighbouring rights for music recordings, for the reference year 2016.  This is a distribution of equitable remuneration, private copy and lending rights[…]

Declare your repertoire before the 31st of December 2017

October 19 2017 Music PlayRight

In preparation for the 2018 distributions, affiliated artists must declare their repertoire before the 31st of December. Basic principles Rights are always distributed, for one or several reference years, in[…]

A PlayRight+ prize for the Jazz section of the Royal Conservatory of Brussels

October 18 2017 Music PlayRight+

After visiting the Gent School of Arts, PXL Music and Arts2 , PlayRight+ continues its tour and made a stop at the Jazz station this Tuesday 17th of October to[…]

100.000.000 EUR paid out since 2013

October 17 2017 Audiovisual International Music PlayRight

This week we hit the mark of 100 million EUR. This is the amount of rights we have distributed among our affiliated artists since 2013. Even though PlayRight has caught[…]

New : a PlayList Menu to declare your contributions in a few clicks!

October 10 2017 Music PlayRight

As an affiliated PlayRight performer, you have an online Portal that allows you to declare your contributions, adjust your personal details or see the details of your distributed rights. See[…]

The two winners of a PlayRight+ prize at arts au carré are…

October 2 2017 Audiovisual Music PlayRight+

The academic year is officially launched and with it, PlayRight + continues to award prizes to the students who just finished their Master. The latest laureates have just completed their[…]

PlayRight’s mandate in the RAWG has been renewed for 2018

September 20 2017 International International PlayRight PlayRight

During the previous SCAPR Working Group meeting, Johan Bex, our Attaché International Relations has been re-elected as the convener of the RAWG Working Group. SCAPR, RAWG ? SCAPR is the international[…]


August 23 2017 Audiovisual International Music PlayRight

On schedule with our 2017 distribution calendar, PlayRight has just distributed neighbouring rights coming from collecting societies abroad. How does such a distribution work? Where do these rights come from[…]

Your rights abroad in pictures

August 16 2017 International PlayRight

  More information about PlayRight international here


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