A negative amount in my distributed rights?

When you sign in to your PlayRight Portal or receive a PlayRight communication related to the distribution of your rights, you may find that your balance is negative or that a negative amount has been debited in the detail of your rights.

Several explanations are possible; they are all compatible:

  • You received in 2007 (reference years: 1996/ 2005) more neighbouring rights than the rights that were yours: this distribution, realized at the time of URADEX, was recalculated in 2011. Each distribution of rights is since compensating the overpayment of rights distributed/allocated in the past,
  • Some of the “participation(s) to declare” in your portal were considered actual declarations in the past and may have led to distributions that were not correct. The participations to declare are no longer considered as proper declarations and must be validated by you,
  • We received a contestation of cast. After analysis of the request and the file, as well as a request and / or a search for proof, we have concluded that you were not present on this recording. The rights you have been distributed have therefore been recovered from other amounts attributed to you,
  • The actual casting on a recording is more important than the virtual casting estimated (specific to a first distribution): since there are more performers on this recording than expected, the amount of rights has been recalculated at the time of the final distribution. Reminder: a distribution for the same reference year takes place in two stages.

These different situations are handled internally by the Members Department with the performers concerned (or their representatives). All corrections are managed in full transparency and the artists are informed prior to each distribution. If you have any questions or would like to access the details of the calculation for a musical recording, please do not hesitate to contact your account manager.

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